Had to make a “Propaganda Poster” type thing for my Principles of New Media class, so I created a Dead Space one!

I made some Dead Space valentines.


My iPhone wallpapers hehehe

Can it be February 2013

Replaying Dead Space makes me happy

kyleshines replied to your post: I’m bored
Do you think your necromorph figure could defeat my Isaac figure? :P

Rawrrrrr. Probably not because Isaac is such a badass but I’ll give my necromorph some training then we’ll see

Helllll yes

» Me and Dead Space 3 in gifs

If i hear anyone talking about Dead Space

Hearing Dead Space 3 would be announced at e3

Hearing Dead Space 3 will come out in less than a year


Watching the Dead Space 3 trailer 

Hearing anyone criticize Dead Space 3

Love <3

Replaying the first dead space because I CAN’T WAIT FOR DEAD SPACE 3 omg flkkdkdfkfe

Me and my Necromorph are pumped for DEAD SPACE 3!!!!!!!!

Drew a Brute from Dead Space <3 This is from over the summer. I didn’t use one certain image, rather I referenced a while bunch and made up this guy based on them.

Art by me, hannahorca

Be jealous of my Necromorph friend