Can it be February 2013

kyleshines replied to your post: I’m bored
Do you think your necromorph figure could defeat my Isaac figure? :P

Rawrrrrr. Probably not because Isaac is such a badass but I’ll give my necromorph some training then we’ll see

Helllll yes

» Me and Dead Space 3 in gifs

If i hear anyone talking about Dead Space

Hearing Dead Space 3 would be announced at e3

Hearing Dead Space 3 will come out in less than a year


Watching the Dead Space 3 trailer 

Hearing anyone criticize Dead Space 3


Yea I flipped out when I finally saw the trailer and gameplay. salk;fjasfdhsdld so amazing. 

Oh and people need to shut up about co-op. Yes, it has co-op, but if you freaking read on the website, you can see that you play as Isaac alone too, and it’s different. With co-op you get certain cutscenes and stuff and with single player you get different ones. So yea. Looks like I’m going to be playing DS3 twice in a row.

February 2013 you must come.

Me and my Necromorph are pumped for DEAD SPACE 3!!!!!!!!