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Day 700: Fallout 4 still isn’t out yet.

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Some games I love

My new shirt thoooo

It bothers me when people call Vault Boy “Pip Boy.”

Completely different thing D:

This is my game poster corner ;D I need more posters to add.

Just some of my favorite games (in no order or anything xD)

Xbox = <3

more gif time. I HAVE A VAULT BOY POSTER


I LOVE FALLOUT. Yes this is my fallout collection.

Ah. I want more. I wanna try out the first fallouts also. And I need to New Vegas DLC

» You know you play too much fallout when…

You are playing Call of Duty with your friends online and after you kill someone the first thing you think is “LOOT THE BODY” 

yeah… I’m cool like that